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Empowering imagination through cyber space

We programme the future by educating upcoming generations age 6-16 about the technology innovation and the responsibility that comes with it.

Innovation & Responsibility

Digital revolution

Technology is evolving rapidly, faster than our capability of understanding this rapid evolution.

Children, the upcoming generation are at the forefront of this evolution. At Imaginatrix, our mission is to equip young minds with technology innovation skills and understanding and responsibility that comes with it.

Join Imaginatrix

Discord  community

We host our weekly education classes on Discord.

Students get to learn new skills and have a platform to share their thoughts and creations with technology.

Technology Education

Join our AI club to learn about the history & theory of AI and equip yourself with practical AI skills for animation.

Artificial Intelligence


Our XR workshops are designed to help kids enter the unlimited possibilites in Extended Reality experiences.

Extended Reality


We equip our students with the skills for games development with Unity software and Artificial Intelligence.

Games Development

Unity Software + AI

About us

Our vision is to empower imagination through cyber space.


We do this by educating the upcoming generations about the responsible use of technology and inspiring them to become the innovators of the future.


We are currently running Virtual Reality classes at primary schools in London and Online Artificial Intelligence clubs for children.


A digital world created by children.

Our online platform constantly gets updated by the creations of our students. We host Virtual exhibitions and digital cultural exchange programmes where our students from across the world share their digital creations with each other.

Work with us

Have knowledge in technology and passion for educating kids? We'd love to hear from you, get in touch!.

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