Provide Technological Tools and Education services to explore and open new portals between the shared reality and

the Imagination.



We beleive in magic and we beleive in accesibility. For this reason we create Virtual Experiences for mobile devices. All you need to do is to download our app and turn your mobile device into the Magical Wand you've always looked for


You can use your digital magical wand and open portals on many different experiences that Imaginatrix collectively creates

If you wish to immerse yourselve on a different  layer, you can dive into

Cyber Magic by 

Augmenting your experience with our

Mixed Reality Headset

    Adventures    in Cyberland
cyber mushroom

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from Magic,

and we work on proving this!

We teach upcoming new generations how to bring magic back to our reality by using the most recent technologies, specifically Mixed Reality. 

We explore new forms of bringing life to our imaginations with kids

Creatorium is where we explore Computer Brain Interface Technologies combined with Virtual Space.

In other words, creating with the will of  Thoughts

We are a group of Life enthusiast who strongly believes that the future uphols many different beauties that we can collectively explore by responsibly using the emerging technologies and explore collective imagination