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Empowering Imagination Through Cyber Space


Our Vision

We live in an age where science fiction is becoming science fact.


Children are at the forefront of the technological revolution we are experiencing. Today, most kids are great at "consuming" technology, what about "innovating" it and learning the responsibilities that come with it?

Imaginatrix is a London based Technology education platform. We work with children aged 7-16 and teach them about technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Blockchain; both the theory, philosophy, history as well as the practice of how to work with these technologies.


We run after school clubs at local primary/secondary schools, week-end workshops and have online classrooms. If children's responsible technology education would be an interest for you, get in touch with us.


Batuhan's passion in teaching comes from his "not so easy" education background.

Having expelled from 2 kindergartens already at age 5, Batuhan spent most of his childhood getting continuously removed from the classrooms. At age 6 he promised himself that one day he'd become a teacher and never remove any of his students from his class.

Batuhan's encounter with computers at age 3 showed him the possibilities that are in the digital realm. He is a strong believer that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic and he passionately shows this with his work and teaches it to upcoming generations.

He is an Animator and a full stack Extended Reality (XR) developer with a deep understanding of Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Batuhan actively guest lectures/runs workshops at University of Arts London and University of Greenwich., and runs after school Technology classes in local London primary schools.


He is a keynote speaker, and actively speaks at renowned events.

We live in a time where science fiction is becoming science fact. Batuhan inspires upcoming generations and teaches about the responsible use and innovation of technology. With this knowledge, future generations can create beautiful science fiction where we all wish to live in.

We are actively looking for new passionate members

Join Us

Open Positions

AI Teacher

We are looking for AI artists who have great passion and deep understanding for this new field, to work with us in our internal projects and education.


We are looking for a great people person to handle all our marketing and social media, the canditate must be open to new ideas and come with creative ideas.

XR Teacher

We are looking for individuals with a passion and understanding of XR technologies to work with us in our weekend and after school XR clubs.

Unity Developer

We are looking for Unity developers to work with us both on teaching Unity+AI and build our online world Imaginatrix on Unity platform.

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