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Our Education

We programme the future with upcoming generations,

Our classes are both in person and online

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Animation

Join our AI club to learn about the history & theory of AI and equip yourself with practical AI skills for animation.

8 week long online workshop, where students learn 6 AI apps and 1 video editing programme to design their animations.

Extended Reality (XR)

Our XR workshops are designed to help kids enter the unimited possibilites that are in the Extended Reality experiences.

We run after school classes at primary/secondary schools and week-end workshops.

Find out about our classes:

Games Development

Unity Software + Chat GPT

We equipe our students with the knowledge and skills for games development with Unity software and Artificial Intelligence.

They learn how to program

-2D / 3D games and environments

-1st / 3rd person games

-XR programming, Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality experiences

Along with the knowledge on how to use best of Artificial Intelligence for their games development.

These classes are both online and in person,

find out more.

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